BOOK ARTS NEWSLETTER 108/ Artists’ Books Exhibitions in the Bower Ashton Library cases, UWE, Bristol, UK

Para los amantes del libro de artista y el libro de arte, aqui tienen una excelente versión electrónica:
Re-imagining the Laws of England – A Book Arts celebration
of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta
6th December 2016 – 30th January 2017
Artists from across the UK participated in the Sidney Nolan
Trust’s celebration of the 800th anniversary of the signing of
the Magna Carta.
A set of ‘Halsbury’s Statutes’, the accepted authoritative texts
for statute law (Acts of Parliament) of England and Wales,
was donated to the Trust by a local court service whose staff
now use online reference. The 27 volumes were destined to
be pulped had the Trust not taken them.
Each volume has been transformed into a work of art
exploring themes related to topics covered in the particular
volume as well as ideas around legislation and society. The
unusual collection includes beautiful works of art, powerful
indictments of abuses of human rights and humorous takes
on law, power and politics.
Anne Rook took inspiration from the flora and fauna
found at the time of King John for her volume. Jane Tudge’s
illuminated garden shed is a metaphor for how a nation
grows from the foundation of a set of published laws.
Sharon Hall Shipp’s paper ribbons references the ‘red tape’
of bureaucracy. Vivienne Sole’s appealing tiny paper shoes
that ‘toe the line’ – or don’t – each denote a different aspect
of laws that affect children. Linda Toigo cut the pages of her
volume into human lungs – every time the book is opened
and closed it breathes in and out 800 years of history.
Mellie Lane’s birdcage depicts King John as a bird trapped
in a cage by his barons. Rachel Rickett’s remarkable
O’Clock Horse
references folklore around bedtime rules.