Convocatoria de Mail Art: “I dream of…”

Mail Art – Call for Artists
Exhibition: “I dream of …“

We invite you, artists from all over the world, to participate in our upcoming mail art exhibition. Everyone is welcome to participate in this project, all ages and skill levels.

Create a postcard sized piece of art and mail it to us!

Opening Night:

December 5, 2014
at Incline Gallery, San Francisco

The exhibition will be open from December 5-12. Before that some parts of the exhibition will be displayed during preview shows at ArTik in Freiburg, Germany and at Civil Academy in Berlin, Germany. After the main exhibition we will send your artwork as a small gift to residents in nursing homes, orphanages and homeless shelters
worldwide to make them feel a little bit less lonely during the Holiday Season.


– Who do you want to be?
– Believe in your dreams
– Think the impossible

Submitting your work

Artwork size:


At least:

3.5″x 5.5″ /
9cm x 14cm

No more than:

4.9″ x 9.2″ /
12.5cm x 23.5cm


– Drawing
– Painting
– Collage
– Photograph
– Stitching
– Mixed media
– …Information to include:

Title and medium, your name and location (for example: „I dream of …“, acrylics, from John Smith, Los Angeles, USA). If you wish you can add your website or contact  information, but only include details you want to share with the public / Internet.

Postage and Deadline:

Post it like you would a regular postcard, please don’t use envelopes. Ensure that you
use the correct postage to reach Germany. Artists may submit up to four pieces. Entries
must be postmarked by November 15, 2014.

Send to:

Kultklecks e.V.
Sonnenwiese 2
79194 Gundelfingen