El Boek Visual en “La Aventura del Saber” TV2. Último poeta antologado: Adriá Fruitós

 La Aventura del Saber y Boek Visual colaboran juntos desde el 28 de febrero de 2013.El programa de RTV2 ha seleccionado a una serie de artistas que han ido apareciendo en Boek Visual para divulgar sus trabajos a través de micro-espacios que se emiten todos los jueves. Mil gracias a Jesús Alonso Ovejero por brindar a la poesía visual la posibilidad de tener un pequeño rincón en Televisión Española.

Adrià Fruitós was born in Barcelona on 1984. He grew up with a family of silkscreen’s artisans, that prompted him to draw and paint from his childhood. He performed artistic studies at La Massana art school in Barcelona and then traveled to France and Belgium to discover other artistic horizons.

He began his professional career in Barcelona on 2007 illustrating children’s books. Today based in Strasbourg, France, works for many fields of illustration but especially for magazines and international newspapers like Le Monde, La Vanguardia, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The National Abu Dhabi, The Daily Telegraph, USA Today, Rolling Stone Magazine
In parallel his work has appeared in many group exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Japan, Iran, USA, France, England, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Colombia and Portugal.

When he’s not dreaming of deserted islands and coconuts he communicates without words for providing complementary messages to your mind.