“Say hi to Tom!” an international CALL for postcards

Se trata de una convocatória ONLINE,  de enviarme postales normals i corrientes para que las pueda transformar en un collage personificado. Personificado porque, aparte de hacer me llegar una postal, pido respuestas a tres preguntas.
Toda esta acción tiene un motivo detrás que desde mi opinión entre todos podemos darle algo más de visibilidad: El turismo massivo.

Con el press Kit a continuación te dejo los links necessarios para así podrás ver el projecte y decidir si te interesa. Muchas gracias por tu atención. 🙂

The project “Say hi to Tom!” is an initiative that combines art with activism, fight with play, and assertion with information. In a nutshell, it invites people to be activist and participate off-line SENDING A POSTCARD and answer 3 questions. Christina Schultz turns them into personified collage works, prints ONE and sends it back to every participant and auctions the originals at the end of december.
All benefits gotten from this project will be given to an entity with the same values, that is fighting to make it better and that has the hope that it can be changed.
This initiative is critical with massive tourism, a way of tourism that has become overcrowded and that, mostly, puts off people instead of charging their batteries to go back home fully ready to retake their routines.
 “Say hi to Tom!” wants to assert in a playful, friendly, pacific, enjoyable, and overall ARTY way, another kind of tourism. More healthy at social, environmental and communicative levels.
“Say hi to Tom!” invites you to participate and do your own bit :)! Because in this kind of projects every single person is important, and it’s the way to really build something bigger!
We are looking for sponsors, who want to support the project through sharing and publishing this project to spread the idea. We want to achieve international participation for this crowdsourced action.
But you can also ask for comercial ways to found the action. We will be glad to explain the possibilities.
We have created different social media accounts, such as Facebook page,TwitterGoogle+, and an interactive blog to follow the track.

If you need more information please visit the website of “Say hi to Tom!”
or contact directly with the artist schultzen101(Sustituya el interior de este parentesis por la arroba)yahoo.de.


Christina Schultz was born february the 5th, in Munich, Germany 1972. A decade ago she created her actual base of life in Barcelona.
She’s an interactive artist, digital content strategist and a ZEN non-artist.
Her last project was YOU your WALL and ME.
I contrive around inside and outside, public and privacy. My works engage people in participative actions.
I use colourful techniques, such as musical performance, paper collage, analog stop motion and interactive sites to create technofantasies and transcendent you.